A Profound Mystery (1 Corinthians 11:2-16)

3 Caveats

1. Scripture confronts us

2. Scripture speaks into, rather than conforms to, our culture

3. Scripture shapes how we love, not just how we live 

Key idea: A people centered on Jesus the Messiah reflect the Messiah in how they show honor to one another and in how they show dependence on one another.

  1. Reflecting the Messiah means that we honor one another (vv. 2-6)
  2. Reflecting the Messiah means that we depend on one another (vv. 7-16)

The binary structure and parallelism of God’s six days of creation

Day 1 ⇨ Day 4

Day 2 ⇨ Day 5

Day 3 ⇨ Day 6

Days of forming ⇨ Days of filling

Men (Forming) ⇨ Women (Filling)

4 Theological Implications 

  • God cares about how we worship, not just what we worship
  • God transforms our understanding of men’s and women’s roles
  • God lifts women up by bringing himself down
  • God will bring male and female to their ultimate destiny