Come to the Doctor (James 4:1-10)

Key Idea: When we are sick with sin, we must humble ourselves before God by hearing his diagnosis, heeding his call to repentance, and obeying his treatment plan. 1. Hear his diagnosis (vv.1-3) 2. Heed His call to repentance (vv. 4-6) 3. Obey His treatment plan (vv.7-10)

When Sin Seems Normal (1 John 2:15-17)

Misplaced loves – rooted in deceptive, lesser loves – can only be cured by a greater love. I. Misplaced loves… (v. 15) 1. It is serious because loving God is the most important thing about us 2. It is serious because what we love will determine how we live II. – rooted in deceptive, lesser […]