The Futility of Work and Education (Ecclesiastes 1:12-18)

Key Idea: While work and education are good things to be cherished, they are only temporary and were never intended to provide ultimate fulfillment. The Burden and Futility of Work (vv.12-15) The Burden and Futility of Education (vv.16-18)

Wisdom and Work (Selected Proverbs)

Key Idea: Wisdom demands us to consider the purpose and proper attitude towards work so we may skillfully Glorify God and love others through it. Four fundamental aspects of work to skillfully navigate in our lives: 1.    Worship: God’s Purpose for Work (Prov 8:22-31) 2.    Practical: Survival, Enjoyment, Generosity (Prov 10:4-5, 12:11, 11:24-25, 13:22) 3.    […]

Distinct (Part II): At Work (1 Thessalonians 4:9-12)

Key Idea: Living distinct lives that please God requires focused and purposeful love for others. Four priorities as a way of loving others: I. Godly Discontentment: Increase in Love II. Quite Ambition: Lead a Quiet Life III. Worry About Yourself: Mind Your Own Business IV. Work Diligently: Work with Your Hands