Salvation Belongs to God (Romans 9:1-13)

Key Idea: God’s choice to save demonstrates His sovereign grace towards sinners. God’s choice to save should fuel our burden for the lost (vv.1-5) God’s choice to save demonstrates His faithfulness (vv.6-9) God’s choice to save is unconditional (vv.10-13)

Episode 38: Michael Jordan, Hurricanes, and Hard Candy

“God’s sovereignty means that he can coordinate and orchestrate every event in my life, every interaction, every decision as well as the butterfly effect of every other’s persons actions on this planet and every natural event, every molecule past, present and future, for my eternal good. While doing the exact same thing for every other […]

Episode 6: Who is God? God Is Sovereign

“Because God is a person who loves, cares, is wise, and is in absolute control over everything – from the mundane to the monumental, from COVID-19 to a harmless cough – then we can have absolute comfort that God not only works all things together, but He is thoughtfully, lovingly, and caringly working all things […]