The Worst Day, The Best Day

Acts 2:22-24 Key idea: The death and resurrection of Jesus allow our hard days to be hopeful days Why the worst day was the best day Why our hard days can be hopeful days

Risen Savior, Hopeful Story – Luke 24:13-35

Key Idea: We must allow the hope of our Savior to make sense of our story. Our story doesn’t make sense apart from Christ In our sin we can’t make sense of Jesus When we can’t make sense of Jesus, we can’t make sense of our story Our story finds meaning and hope in Christ […]

The Hope of the Resurrection (Acts 17:19-34)

Key Idea: The resurrection brings living hope to a dying world I. Recognize the reality of religion We all live in light of God. We are all worshipers. II. Reorient your life to God God cannot be a product of what we imagine. God is far greater than what we can imagine. God’s judgment will […]