Wholehearted Christian, to the Rescue! (James 5:19-20)

Key Idea: Wholehearted Christians rescue those who have wandered from the truth. 1.The need for rescue (v.19a) “If anyone among you wanders from the truth” 2 applications: 2. The means of rescue (v.19b): Someone/Anyone God is the one who saves, but God is a God of means.  3. The result of rescue (v.20) Thinking Practically: […]

Come to the Doctor (James 4:1-10)

Key Idea: When we are sick with sin, we must humble ourselves before God by hearing his diagnosis, heeding his call to repentance, and obeying his treatment plan. 1. Hear his diagnosis (vv.1-3) 2. Heed His call to repentance (vv. 4-6) 3. Obey His treatment plan (vv.7-10)

True Worshipers: So, So Small, Yet So, So Loved! (Psalm 8)

Key Idea: How to be a true worshiper: see God as He is, see yourself as you are, and marvel at God’s grace.

See God as he is (vv.1-2)

Who is God?
God is YHWH, our personal God
God is Majestic
God is supreme (God over all the earth)
God is glorious
God is powerful

See yourself as you are (vv.3-4)
Marvel at God’s Grace (vv.5-9)