Often Hidden, Always Faithful (Ruth 4:13-22)

We can have peace through the sufferings of life because we know that though God is often hidden, he is always faithful. I. We must remember that though God is often hidden, he is always faithful God often uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary God’s plan is always better II. We can’t let the […]

Where Love Looks (Ruth 4:1-12)

Two hopes: Greater Trust Greater Love Key Idea: The focus of our hearts will lead to the faithfulness of our love. I. To love better we must look away from self II. To love better we must look to God The Blessings of Steadfast Love You experience unique grace You live a life that matters

A Love That Makes God Known (Ruth 2:14-23)

We should pursue a love that encourages faith and hope in God. Three hopes for our love: I. A love that creates community II. A love that makes God known III. A love that encourages hope and faith

Where Love Grows (Ruth 2:1-13)

A steadfast love for others, grows in the soil of humility and faith. Soil #1: Our humility before God Soil #2: Our relationship with God Soil #3: Our trust in the sovereignty of God

Start with God (Ruth 1:19-22)

To overcome bitterness and despair, you must start with God. Three ways to start with God: Lament well, rather than complain about your sufferings Interpret life based on the nature of God, not the nature of your circumstances Have a forward looking hope

Being God’s Steadfast Love (Ruth 1:6-18)

Key Idea: We must live out a steadfast love for others that is rooted in the steadfast love of God. The picture of steadfast love:  covenant commitment and costly kindness The source of steadfast love: the true God The blessing of steadfast love: we are God’s steadfast love to others

The Beauty of Story (Ruth 1:1-5)

Theme: Ruth is a call to faithfulness by faith in the steadfast love of God. I. Embrace God’s bitter providence II. Embrace the beauty of story