Idol Factories (1 John 5:21)

Right worship is rooted in truth Right worship produces obedience Right worship overflows with love towards others

Cultivating Love (1 John 4:13-21)

Key Idea: Our love for others is cultivated in our relationship with God I. The importance of cultivating love: Love Defines Our Lives We must not excuse our lack of love. We must let love be the filter through which we see our world. We must find hope in love. II. The soil of love: […]

A Love That Makes God Known (1 John 4:7-12)

Key Idea: Display God through your sacrificial love I. Love is required: a commitment to care (Verses 7-8) II. Love is radical: a sacrifice for sinners (Verses 9-11) III. Love is revealing: making visible the invisible (Verse 12)

A Healthy Unbelief (1 John 4:1-6)

Key idea: To avoid the lies of the world we must know the Christ of Scripture. I. To know spiritual truth we must cultivate a healthy unbelief in the world II. To know spiritual truth we must cultivate a healthy belief in Christ

A Loving Call to Right Living (1 John 3:4-10)

God’s commands demonstrate not only his loathing of sin, but his love for us. I. The wickedness of sin demands the righteousness of believers II. The wickedness of sin demonstrates the necessity of Christ III. The wickedness of sin displays the love of God Ultimately God’s call to obedience is loving because sin is destructive.