Risen Savior, Hopeful Story – Luke 24:13-35

Key Idea: We must allow the hope of our Savior to make sense of our story. Our story doesn’t make sense apart from Christ In our sin we can’t make sense of Jesus When we can’t make sense of Jesus, we can’t make sense of our story Our story finds meaning and hope in Christ […]

The Gospel-Centered Family (Luke 7:36-50)

Key Idea: To show each other grace in our relationships we ourselves must first be transformed everyday by the grace God extends to us. 1. A Gospel-centered family recognizes sin as their greatest problem Applications a. Be much more focused on your own sin b. Continually suspect and inspect your own heart 2. A Gospel-centered […]

Unashamed (John 7:53-8:11 & Luke 7:36-50)

Key Idea: We as God’s children can live unashamed because Christ took our sin and shame. Category #1: Shame because we are sinners. Category #2: Shame because we are sufferers. Category #3: We’re unashamed because we are saints.