The Ground of All Our Hope (1 Peter 1:3-9)

Key idea: 3 Sources of Hope for Our Perseverance 1. God’s promise in our perseverance (vv. 3-5) The resurrection of Jesus promises new life The resurrection of Jesus promises living hope 2. God’s purpose in our perseverance (vv. 6-7) Trials are necessary because they test the authenticity of our faith Trials are necessary because they produce […]

Standing Firm as Suffering Sojourners (1 Peter 5:12–14)

Key Idea: As believers, we must stand firm in the gospel of grace for everyday life.   Four Characteristics of Standing Firm: I. A Fervent Exhortation (v. 12b) II. A Faithful Example (v. 12a) III. A Familial Expression (v. 13–14a) IV. A Favorable Expectation (v. 14b)

A Charge to Persevere (1 Peter 5:5-11)

Three Components to Perseverance   I. The Posture of Perseverance (v. 5-7) II.The Practice of Perseverance (v. 8-9) III. The Power of Perseverance (v. 10-11)

We Are Family (1 Peter 5:1-4)

Goal #1: Know the Purpose & Responsibilities of the Elders Goal #2: Be Challenged in How You Live Your Life Goal #3: Know and Hear from the Elders