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Hebrews 10:19-25
We are a People Who Need One Another

Key Idea: For Christ to be treasured in our hearts, we must be meaningfully invested in the lives of each other.

We must be meaningfully invested in the lives of each other…

  1. To Draw Near in Worship (19-22)
  2. To Hold Fast in Endurance (23)
  3. To Stir Up One Another (24-25)
    • What does it look like practically?
    1. “Who do I see in front of me?”
    2. “How can I thoughtfully love them?”
    3. “What words can I use to encourage them toward Jesus?”
      • Affirmation
      • Correction
        • Be thoughtful with how you correct
        • Be thoughtful with your posture

John Newton: In a little while you will meet in heaven; he will then be dearer to you than the nearest friend you have upon earth is to you now. Anticipate that period in your thoughts; and though you may find it necessary to oppose his errors, view him personally as a kindred soul, with whom you are to be happy in Christ forever.

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