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Sermon Notes

John 16:4a-15
Better with the Spirit

Key Idea: Three realities about the Holy Spirit for strength in gospel sharing and gospel life.

Three realities about the Holy Spirit:

I. The Comforting Presence of the Spirit (v.4b-7)

  • Our Advantageous Position
  • Our Advocate’s Permanence

II. The Convicting Power of the Spirit (v.8-11)

  • Convicts people of their unbelief in Jesus
  • Convicts people of their need for Jesus
  • Convicts people of unbelief’s judgment

III. The Clarifying Position of the Spirit (v.12-15)

  • Clarifies Truth
  • Clarifies His relationship to Father and Son
  • Clarifies Jesus


Sermon Notes

October 25 Sermon Notes (Word)
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