Happy Mother’s Day! We thank God for His incredible grace in providing moms that love, care, work, disciple and raise their children for the glory of God! Proverbs 31:28 reminds us that a godly mother will have children who rise up and call her blessed.

As a church, we also want to rise up and give thanks for the mothers that God has blessed Lighthouse with. Thank you all so much for your sacrifice, your long suffering, your kindness, and the countless ways you demonstrate Christ to the children of our church and to us.

We have a free print for you! Please download it here.

We also must acknowledge that this can be a particularly painful day for some. In the past, perhaps Mother’s day was a time you avoided seeing people. You didn’t want to hear the words, “Happy Mother’s Day” because it was not a happy day for you. The suffering of miscarriages, the grief of losing a child, the grief of losing your mom, the ways you’ve been oppressed by a parent, the longings of singleness, the burnout your feeling currently as a mom, or other hurts just make the day too painful. To those of you who are hurting, thank you so much for worshipping with us today. You have shown us Christ through your honesty about what hurts so that we can come alongside you and bear your burdens. You show us Christ by persevering through the trials and pains you feel and face. And you show us Christ through your courage to worship with us this day. We love you and thank you.