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Sermon Notes

Jesus Changes Everything (Part 2): Love in the Face of Loss
2 Corinthians 8:1-5 // Pastor Tim St. John

Key idea: Three ways we can be a church known by our love and not by our limits

1. Entrust your life to God

2. Identify opportunities to love

2 questions to ask to identify opportunities to love

  1. How are you doing?
  2. How can I pray for you?

3. Serve with joyful generosity

  • “Ministry is showing the love of Christ to others by serving them with all that we are.”
  • Examples of ways to serve during this season
    • Thank those you see serving
    • Confess sin
    • Pray
      • Encourage their hope in God
      • Describe their situation biblically
      • Pray for spiritual and relational health
      • Pray for relief
    • Encourage through your presence
    • Care for everyday needs
      • Follow the “safer at home” directives from the government
      • Practice patience with others at the grocery stores
      • Deliver groceries and medication to older and immunocompromised neighbors
      • Write a letter or card for a loved one or neighbor
      • Buy gift cards from small businesses
      • Sign up for our church’s compassion ministry
      • Place God’s truth in front of your family.
      • Walk dogs for doctors and health care providers working long hours
      • Host a video conference dinner where you can eat separately but still enjoy fellowship.
      • Possibly give stranded and displaced college students temporary shelter so they are not homeless
      • Offer services online:
        • Tutoring
        • Workshops for parents new to homeschooling
        • Family worship


Sermon Notes

March 29 Sermon Notes

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