Praxis (Young Adult/Post-Grad)


Praxis is Lighthouse’s young adult/post-grad ministry for ages 30 and under. Praxis is defined as “a way of doing theology that is formed by biblical knowledge at its more intense level,” and our vision is to be a young adult community that is devoted to loving Christ and living for the glory of God. The mission of Praxis is to carry out our vision by faithfully preaching God’s Word, sacrificially committing to one another, humbly serving the church, and actively making disciples.

In light of Coronavirus, Praxis currently meets Thursday nights online from 7:30-10:30 PM. Most Thursdays we’ll meet online for worship, preaching, and small groups, followed by fellowship (Youtube, Zoom). Please subscribe to our e-mail list to stay up to date on Praxis meetings and activities!

If you would like more information about Praxis, please contact Pastoral intern Chris Wong.

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Where is God? Where are You?
Psalm 37:1–7
Rob Chinn

Key Idea: Waiting upon the Lord in difficult circumstances requires faith born from a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ that re-prioritizes the believer’s desires.

I. God’s People are not conformed to Godless opposition

-Do not worry (fret) over overdoing
-Do not envy those who illicitly prosper
-Meekness is strength to set aside personal desire

II. God’s People have transformed hearts

-God’s people are born again (John 3:3-5)

III. God’s People perform as God’s agents

-Transformation results in action (James 1:22)

IV. God’s People are more concerned about their God than their circumstances

Personal Reflection Questions (can be shared too):

-What are one or two of the more surprising, unexpected, or amusing things that have happened to you personally over the last six months.
-What situation in your life, past or present, where God told you, “wait”? If you are comfortable, share what God might be saying to you and share how you have reacted to God’s personal dealings with you.
-How has your perspective of how God is relating to you changed over the last six months?