Evangelism and Missions


“Lighthouse Community Church exists to worship God through fulfilling the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.”

We want to be a people who help fulfill the Great Commission by being a people . . .

  • Who treasure our relationship with Jesus
  • Who lovingly share the gospel
  • Who humbly live out the gospel
  • Who know we are only given one life to touch other people’s lives

This is encapsulated in the Evangelism Ministry mission statement: “Live for Jesus passionately by sharing the gospel with urgency, so that the world may worship Him eternally.”

Here are five different ways you can get involved with Lighthouse’s Evangelism Ministry.

  • Invite friends and family.
    • Personally share the gospel and look for ways to intersect your non-Christian friend and family with the church family.
  • Invest your resources.
    • Steward your time and money by investing in local and global outreach efforts.
  • Involve yourself in evangelism locally and globally.
    • Join or support short-term missions teams and long-term missionaries.
  • Inform your worldview.
    • Attend classes/seminars on how to share our faith and impact the world.
  • Intercede through prayer.
    • Come to God individually and corporately by praying the gospel will spread for God’s glory.

Lighthouse focuses its evangelistic efforts in two different areas:

  • Local Evangelism – Reaching the lost in the South Bay and the U.S.
  • Global Evangelism – Reaching the lost around the world

Local Evangelism

Our Local Evangelism Ministry is our gospel outreach to our neighbors in the South Bay. There are several ways that we minister to our neighbors:

  1. Partnership with Valor Christian Academy (VCA), a private Christian school in Redondo Beach. At VCA, teachers are able to share the gospel with students and impact families in our community. Our church has committed to praying for the school, equipping their staff in their outreach, and serving the school through Sharefest, an annual community service day that happens at the end of April or early May.
  2. Local EV events: Throughout the year we organize fun, casual events such as coffee workshops, photography seminars, Super Bowl parties, Christmas lights walk, etc. These events are great opportunities to invite our friends and families to Lighthouse and hear the hope of the gospel.
  3. Spectrum: Our international student ministry is focused on serving international college students in our area and sharing the love of Christ with them. We invite our church family to bless our students by providing a simple meal at one of our monthly Talk Time dinners, usually the first Friday of the month; serve as friendship partners; and invite students to a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. If interested in helping with one of our monthly dinners, please visit our sign-up page.

For more info about Local EV, please contact Eufemio Magsombol, Jr. at eufemio@lighthousesouthbay.org

Global Evangelism

Lighthouse’s desire is to make disciples of Jesus Christ around the globe with a specific focus on Mexico and Japan. Mexico is a country that is our southern neighbor and a people in need of hearing the life giving truths of God’s Word and the Gospel. Japan is one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Out of the over 127 million people, less than 0.5% are professing Christians.

Strategic Goals to Make Disciples in Mexico and Japan:

  • Gospel-Centered Leadership
    • Encourage and equip leaders to shepherd the church.
  • Gospel-Centered Local Churches
    • Strengthen the local church to shine brightly for Christ.
  • Gospel-Centered Counseling
    • Train the church to counsel one another.
  • Gospel-Centered Resourcing
    • Be involved with getting biblical resources into the hands of the church.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

Lighthouse joyfully supports several of its members as full-time missionaries. Our goal is that each Lighthouse missionary will be spurred on towards greater faithfulness because of the love, prayer, and provision of the church family. We hope that you will be part of that family.

Erin K: East Asia/OMF

Erin is a full-time missionary working with OMF International in the area of mobilization. OMF International serves the people of East Asia with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Erin mentors and disciples short-term workers upon their return from serving overseas and challenges individuals them as well as their churches to be strategically involved long-term in the six practices of missions – go, pray, send, mobilize, welcome, and learn.

Erin’s Missionary Support Team is led by Yosh Amano and also includes Chris Akizuki, Leia Yen, Jenna Tomita, and Elliott Chi.

Dan Lim: South Bay/International Students, Inc.

Dan is a full-time missionary to international students attending colleges and universities in the South Bay. He is partnering with International Students, Inc. (ISI) so that the gospel of Jesus Christ may be shared with these internationals before they head back to their home countries. Learn more about Dan’s ministry by visiting his homepage.

Dan’s Missionary Support Team consists of Peter Chen, Rubens Sung, Juni Song, Jeff Silva, and Gwen Silva.

Cindy Kobayashi: Japan

Cindy will be headed back to Japan again, this time for a 10-month internship in Nagoya, Japan. She will be serving with a Christian organization called Christ Bible Institute (CBI) as an intern from September of 2019 through June of 2020. CBI was originally founded as a seminary in 1999, with the vision of training up a new generation of Japanese Christian leaders in Japan. Now the Lord has graciously extended it to include a counseling ministry, an outreach ministry through a café called Heart and Soul, and a church planting ministry.



To apply for the Hamamatsu trip, please visit the Apply tab.

Hamamatsu VBS Team (Japan)

Overview: Lighthouse will be sending a Vacation Bible School (VBS) team to serve with our brothers and sisters at Kasai Christ Evangelical Church. The church is located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.

Dates for the Trip: July 17-27, 2020

Team Leaders: Mark Kato and Seichi Kamimura

Purposes: The primary purpose is to serve the children at Kasai Church by putting on a three-day VBS program. The secondary purpose is to build relationships with the adults at the church. This is why the team will spend two Sundays at the church. And the third purpose is to experience what God is doing in Japan by praying, observing, and interacting with others who are doing ministry in Japan.

Apply to Join a Lighthouse Team

This application is for Lighthouse members who are applying to join a Lighthouse short term missions team. Filling out of this application does not mean you will automatically be accepted. The Global EV team will take a number of factors into account as we form the team. If you are a member and the application window is open, please prayerfully consider the commitment you’re making if you are accepted on the team.

Apply to Receive Support as a Short Term Missionary

This application is for Lighthouse members who are requesting spiritual and financial  support from Lighthouse who are going on short term missions with an organization outside of Lighthouse. Do not use this application to apply for a Lighthouse short term missions team.

  • Short term missions is considered anything less than a year.
  • Lighthouse can provide up to 25% of the total support but the actual amount will be determined by the Global EV Team.
  • This application must be complete and submitted three months prior to your departure.
  • Once the application is received by one of the leaders, then an interview will be set up.

Become a Short Term Missionary Prayer Supporter

We looking for Prayer Supporters for our short term missionaries/teams we’ll be sending out this summer! This is an opportunity to “serve as senders” and faithfully walk alongside the missionaries who are going out to proclaim the love of Christ.

As a prayer supporter, you will be paired up with a short term missionary (same gender) and will commit to meeting with them at least once before the trip and once after, and praying for your missionary before/during/after the trip. We do ask that you be a Lighthouse member to sign up. If you are interested or would like more information, please sign up here or email Lisa Pau at leeesajoy@gmail.com.

Lighthouse Teams

Hamamatsu: Japan VBS

July 17-27, 2020

When giving financially, be sure to choose Japan STM from the drop down menu!

Nagoya: Japan VBS

July 24 – August 3, 2020

When giving financially, be sure to choose Japan STM from the drop down menu!

Individuals from Lighthouse

Cindy Kobayashi: Japan

September 2019 – June 2020

Sachi Maeda: Uganda

April 2020