In-person Children's Ministry


  • All kids must be registered online in advance. 
  • Registration opens on Mondays at 9 AM and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Registration closes on Fridays at 8 PM or when we hit our capacity  
  • Currently we are only allowing registration of 1 year old to 5th grade kids.
  • If after registering for a service, you determine that you will no longer be able to attend, please notify Tiffany Mikamo at


  • Please enter into the Fellowship Hall where you will see the check-in station for Lighthouse Kids. On the tablet enter in your phone number and check them into the appropriate classroom based off the roster posted. 
  • Parents will receive 2 stickers per child. One sticker is to be placed on the front left area of the child’s shirt and the duplicate stickers are to be kept for pickup confirmation. 
  • Please drop off your kids in their classroom. 
  • Families may check in their kids 15 minutes before service (8:45am / 10:45am). 

Classroom Setup

  • Here are pictures of how the classrooms will look like:

Class Breakdown

  • We will be incorporating our online video segments in our in-person ministry, so there is no need to have your kids watch the video beforehand.
  • Here is a general outline of what a typical Sunday class would look like:
    • Devotional & Musical Worship (includes singing indoors for indoor classrooms)
    • Teaching Time & Follow Up Discussion
    • Review & Lighthouse Kids Highlights Booklet
    • Stretch Break
    • Craft / Game Time
    • (occasional) Missions Presentations / Prayer Time

Expectations for Kids

  • Kids must wear their masks at all times and maintain a safe distance during in-person ministry. 
  • Each class will have shared supplies, but kids are also allowed to bring a bag or backpack with their own supplies:
    • Bible
    • Pencils / Pens
    • Coloring material (crayons, markers, colored pencils)
    • (optional) Water bottle
    • Book / Non-electronic toy to play with for drop-off / pick-up times
    • No electronics or distracting toys allowed
  • Please have your kids use the restroom at home before they come to church. 

Check Out Process

  • After service dismissal, please pick up your child at their classroom.
  • Parents will display their duplicate name stickers and our volunteers will check your children out to you.

Additional Safety Notes

  • Volunteers will be enforcing mask-wearing and safe distancing.
  • If volunteers need to contact the parent/guardian, they will text the parent contact number. If there is no response, volunteers will locate the parents in the service area to come pick-up their child. 
  • If any volunteer or child experiences COVID symptoms within 48 hours of Sunday service, they or their parents are expected to contact Lighthouse. We will notify all of the families and other volunteers who were present on that Sunday. The volunteer/child who confirmed positive for COVID will not be permitted to attend in-person ministries until they have surpassed a 10-day symptom-free time period or have tested negative in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • In case we need to evacuate (e.g. earthquake, fire), we will evacuate to Van Ness street and head north towards Del Amo Blvd.


Interested in serving in outdoor services?