Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! Today is a day where we celebrate and recognize the dads of our church – thank you for all the ways you love, care, work, disciple and raise your children for the glory of God.

Thank you all so much for your sacrifice, your long suffering, your kindness, and the countless ways you demonstrate Christ to the children of our church and to us (especially during this season of Shelter-in-Place). One tangible way we want to thank you is by making a small donation in your honor to Children’s Hunger Fund.

If we were together, the kids would be walking the aisles and bringing you a coupon for a bacon-wrapped hot dog, but we pray that this gift will honor you and also be a small representation of the Christlike generosity you each reflect in your homes. Along with this donation, we have also prepared a digital download for you to use as a screensaver, if you’d so like to!

We also have a free phone background for you! Please download it here.

We do acknowledge that this can be a difficult day for some – those suffering from the grief of losing a child, the grief of losing your dad, the ways you’ve been oppressed by a parent or other hurts just make the day painful. To those of you who are hurting, thank you so much for worshipping with us today. You have shown us Christ through your honesty about what hurts so that we can come alongside you and bear your burdens. We love you and thank you.