By forming gospel-centered relationships, Lighthouse counselors regularly engage in both formal and informal conversations in order to admonish, encourage, and give hope to those overwhelmed with sin and suffering in our church (1Thess 5:14Col 1:28).

Our Mission

The Counseling ministry organizes and equips our church to come alongside one another to assist in applying God’s Word through the work of the Holy Spirit until each person is made complete in Christ. (Gal 6:1Eph 1:17Col 1:28)

Our Core Values

  • We are committed to glorifying God by helping each believer live a cross-centered life.
  • We are committed to relying on the sufficiency of Scripture in every area of counsel.
  • We are committed to trusting the ministry of the Holy Spirit through Scripture to enable Christlike living.
  • We are committed to equipping the church to speak the truth in love to one another because we believe the body of Christ is God’s primary context for change.

Contacting a Counselor

If you are a Lighthouse member or regular attender and would like to receive counsel, please select the tab above marked “Receiving Counsel.”

Currently we can only provide counseling to members and regular attenders.

For questions contact:

Thank you for seeking Biblical counseling. Your desire for help reveals a humble heart that longs to be led by God. In James 4:6, God promises to pour out his grace on those who are humble. By reaching out for help you are setting yourself up to receive the grace you will need to find help in your struggle and grow more like Christ.

How do I get started?

Before we can schedule the first meeting, we will need each individual seeking counsel to fill out their own Personal Data Inventory form (PDI). By thoroughly completing this form, you’re taking an important first step to help us understand your situation and to know which counselor would be best suited to minister to you at this time. You can return the form(s) either by emailing them to or by dropping them off at the church office during the week. Once these forms are received, you will be contacted by us to discuss scheduling. The more flexible you are in your availability, the more quickly you can be placed with a counselor.

What is the time commitment?

Counseling sessions usually last 1-1 ½ hours per week. Counselees are also expected to complete weekly “heartwork” assignments to expose sin, give hope and grow their love for Christ. Most sessions last between three to six months.

What should I bring?

You will need to bring a notebook and your Bible as well as any additional assigned materials to all sessions.

How much will it cost?

The counsel you receive is a free gift given to build up the body of Christ here at Lighthouse. All books and materials involved in the process are currently provided free of charge in an effort to lovingly point one another to Christ.

Ready to receive counsel?

To apply for counseling click to sign up. This service allows you to create a secure account, complete your PDI, schedule your sessions, connect with your counselor, and receive counseling assignments without sending your sensitive documents through email. We recommend it as a faster and safer way to connect with your counselor throughout the counseling process.

If you are having technical difficulties please contact

Advanced Gospel-Centered Counselor Training

Lighthouse Community Church

This course aims to help believers address a variety of issues that we face in our churches. By building topically on the process of counseling taught in the Lighthouse Gospel-Centered Counseling Class, we will look at broad spectrum struggles common to everyone like shame, anxiety, and suffering. There will also be a focus on specific struggles that we commonly face in our churches such as depression, abuse, and marriage issues. Through case studies, lectures, and outside readings, you’ll learn to move toward people with various difficulties in a way that is engaging, helpful, and Christ-centered.

The Counselor Training lasts for eight months, with each three-hour session being offered one evening per month.

Topics addressed in the course include:

  • Guilt and Shame
  • Marriage
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Suffering
  • Depression and Suicide
  • Handling the Past
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Confusion

Where: Lighthouse Community Church

When: Tuesday evenings from 6:30-9:30PM (10/1, 10/29, 11/26, 1/21, 2/25, 3/24, 5/26, 6/23)

Cost: $50

Gospel-Centered Counselor Training

Living Hope Community Church

Ever since Christ founded the church, believers have been called to point one another to God’s Word to find hope and truth to guide them through their seasons of suffering and battles with sin. In order to help us grow in having these vital conversations with each other, we are excited to offer a periodic intensive Gospel-Centered Counselor Training. Whether we are speaking to each other as parents, co-workers, students, roommates, spouses, or friends, God has called all of us as helpers to speak his truth in love to each other. It is through these loving and wise conversations that our Savior’s kingdom is built and we grow to be more like Christ (Ephesians 4:15).

The Counselor Training lasts for eight months, with each three-hour session being offered one evening per month.

Topics addressed in the course include:

  • Foundations of Counseling
  • Process for Counseling
  • Process for Change
  • Addressing topics such as anger, lust, anxiety, etc.

Where: Living Hope Community Church

When: Tuesday evenings November 2019 – June 2020 from 7-10PM (11/12, 12/10, 1/14, 2/11, 3/10, 4/21, 5/12, 6/9)

Cost: $50

These are resources and tools that are available to you as you walk alongside others in counseling.

Heartwork Library

Examples of heart assignments arranged by topic for use in counseling


Printable biblical counseling forms for reference and distribution in ministry.

Counseling Research Articles

Counseling research tools organized by topic. Requires username and password to access; e-mail for assistance.

We’re excited for your engagement and for all that God will do as you move toward marriage. Thank you for the privilege of assisting you and your fiancée as you seek out pre-marital counseling at Lighthouse. Below is a brief overview to premarital counseling at our church. 

What’s required for Premarital Counseling?

  • Six-month timeline: Premarital counseling involves at least six sessions with one of our pastoral staff. Each session will last from 45-90min. These sessions will take place over a minimum of six months, so please consider the six-month requirement as you consider when to apply for premarital counseling and when to schedule your wedding day.
  • Membership: To receive premarital counseling at least one person must be a member of Lighthouse Community Church.
  • Preparation: Before your first session, you’ll receive a copy of the book “Tying the Knot” by Rob Green. In preparation for your first session, read chapter 1 “Jesus Must Be the Center of Your Life,” and answer the discussion questions. After each premarital session, homework will be assigned. If you are unable to complete the homework please contact your counselor to reschedule your meeting.
  • Ceremony: There are many elements involved in a wedding ceremony. Lighthouse asks that at least these seven elements be included: Welcome and Invocation, Declaration of Intent, Question to the Parents, Homily, Exchange of Vows, Exchange of Rings, and Pronouncement.
  • Non-Sunday Wedding (if possible): When possible please schedule your ceremony for a Saturday to help with pastoral availability on the wedding day. For the pastors, Sundays are filled with ministry, teaching, meetings, and talking with members, regular attendees and visitors, thus making it difficult to officiate a wedding.

What is involved in Premarital Counseling?

Here is our four-fold strategy behind the premarital counseling:

  • STUDY: After each session there will be homework that builds upon the previous week’s work and prepares you for the next topic of discussion. You will study Scripture to set a solid, biblical foundation. You will also read through “Tying the Knot” by Rob Green and any other supplementary material your counselor determines to be helpful.
  • LISTEN: Each session has application exercises that apply the key ideas to your specific relationship. You will have lots of conversations—with your future spouse, with the pastor, with your parents, and with other couples in the church. These conversations will both prepare you for the wedding day and help you to grow in godliness.
  • APPLY: For truth to be truly known it must be lived out in our lives. Throughout the counseling there will be application exercises to help review, expand, and test the truths you are learning throughout the counseling.
  • TALK: In addition to the exercises that are given for you to complete as a couple, we highly encourage you both to regularly discuss what God is helping you see about your own heart so you can practice speaking the truth in love to one another and partnering with the Holy Spirit’s work in one another’s lives.

 What’s the point of Premarital Counseling?

There are five purposes for premarital counseling.

  • First, we want to help you build a solid, biblical foundation as you start your marriage. We will spend a lot of time in Scripture and thinking through biblical ideas as they apply to marriage. Specifically, we will look at how marriage exists to display the gospel revealed through the love of two spouses who seek to display Christ to one another. This gospel shaped love exists between a couple in marriage to sanctify the couple, encourage their worship of Christ, and to be a living testimony of Christ’s covenantal love for the church.
  • Second, we want to help you begin a dialogue about your marriage. There are a host of topics (communication, finances, sex, parenting, etc.) that we think are important to consider before you get married. The good news is that the conversation we are beginning is a life-long process. We’ll solve some problems, but many others will be left for you to work though over the course of your entire marriage.
  • Third, we will point out areas of concern in your relationship. We are all sinners. No relationship is perfect. Despite all of your premarital bliss, you are going to have problems, conflict, and struggles in your relationship. We want to help you address these difficulties sooner rather than later. So, the more honest you are about your struggles, the more you will facilitate the pastor’s ability to help you in preparation for marriage.
  •  Fourth, we want you to know your own heart and the idols that pull you from Christ. Because the goal of marriage is to display the love Christ showed us through the gospel, we need to know how Christ tends to be replaced in the individual hearts of the couple. The most vital way for a husband to lead his wife is to know her heart and help her fight sin so she can more faithfully worship Christ. Likewise, the most vital way for a wife to help her husband is to know his heart and help him fight sin so he can faithfully worship Christ and lead the family toward Christ better.
  • Fifth, we want to prepare you for the marriage, and not just the wedding day. We often find that couples get caught up in the frantic details of preparing for the wedding day, and don’t spend much time getting ready for the marriage. Premarital counseling is meant to slow you down and help you think about the relationship. The wedding day marks the beginning of your life together, but the marriage will last for the rest of your life. So, it is good for you to take time to prepare for this life- long journey together.

Sample Overview of the Six Sessions

SESSION 1 – “The Goal of Engagement & Marriage”
Goal: How a marriage of unity, understanding and love is rooted in worship

  • Share your love story with your counselor
  • Discuss the Premarital PDI
  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapter 1 (You will read this before your first meeting)

SESSION 2 – “God’s Blueprint for Marriage”
Goal: How to put on love with Jesus at the center

  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapter 2
  • Discuss “Meaning of Marriage” Chapters 3-4

SESSION 3 – “Problem Solving & Biblical Roles for Marriage”
Goal: To see how the gospel shapes our responses and our roles

  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapters 3-4
  • Discuss Scriptures that define marriage roles

SESSION 4 – “Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution”
Goal: To see how the gospel shapes conversation and conflict

  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapter 5
  • Discuss “War of Words” Chapters 7-8

SESSION 5 – “Family Finances and Life in the Body of Christ”
Goal: To see how the gospel shapes our stewardship of finances and life in the church

  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapters 6-7
  • Discuss marriage license, order of service, and rehearsal details

SESSION 6 – “Marital Intimacy that demonstrates God’s love”
Goal: The goal of this session is to have a biblical understanding of sex within a marriage

  • Discuss “Tying the Knot” Chapter 8
  • Teaching on Intimacy in Marriage
  • Discussion of what to expect on your wedding day and honeymoon 

How do we get started?

Both fiancés will fill out individual premarital personal data inventory (PDI) and then send them to The purpose of the PDI is to help us know how we can best serve you and to help raise the issues we see as vital to discuss before marriage. We understand that this form will contain highly sensitive information. Once we receive the form it will be kept confidential and shared only with the pastoral staff involved with your premarital counseling. Please email with any questions.

Click here to download the Premarital PDI.


  • Who will be my counselor? If there is a particular pastor at Lighthouse that you would like to perform your wedding and premarital counseling, you can feel free to contact that pastor directly. Otherwise, once we receive your premarital PDI, our counseling ministry will find an available pastor to provide counsel and to officiate your wedding.
  • What if we’ve already booked the venue and do not have six months available for counseling? If you’ve already booked your venue and your wedding date doesn’t allow you to have a minimum of six sessions over the course of six months, then we can still provide premarital counseling, but you will need to find a non-Lighthouse Pastor to perform the ceremony.
  • What if my parents do not approve of this wedding? Your wedding day is an important event in the life of your families. While parental disapproval may not prevent our involvement in your wedding, we want to look carefully at the issues raised by your parents and work toward a peaceful resolution.
  • Is there any cost to doing premarital counseling at Lighthouse? No. Because we view the counseling at Lighthouse as a vital part of discipleship, all counseling is provided free of charge. However, we highly encourage giving a thank you gift to your counselor and wedding officiant as a token of appreciation for all their hard work.
  • Can we have a Lighthouse pastor do our premarital counseling but ask a different person to officiate the ceremony? Yes. You can also have co-officiants if you would like two pastors to perform your wedding (e.g. a pastor from Lighthouse and a pastor from your previous church).
  • Can we hold the wedding at Lighthouse? Yes. For more information on booking Lighthouse Community Church please complete the event request form:

If you have any questions or if your wedding is less than three months away, please contact before completing the event request.