Sermons by “Kim Kira”

A Purpose Greater Than Your Suffering (John 9:1-12)

Key Idea: To embrace our sufferings we must believe that God’s purpose is greater than the suffering itself. 1. To embrace suffering you must have faith in the greater story of God 2. To embrace suffering you must have faith in the purposes of God

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Avoiding an Empty Life (1 Corinthians 15:58)

Key Idea – A life that matters is one lived FOR the gospel, because we live IN the Gospel. Gospel Ministry – Ministry that pursues the expansion of the gospel in the hearts of believers and in the salvation of unbelievers. I. A Life that is Wasted Our premises lead to our purposes. The wasted […]

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What Kind of King Do You Seek?(John 6:22-35)

Key Idea: Our self-focused following robs us of the soul satisfying nature of Christ-focused faith. I. Beware a self-focused following A self-focused following makes a god out of his gifts A self-focused following makes God about his gifts II. Pursue a Christ-focused faith A Christ-focused faith sees gifts as pointing to the greatness of Christ […]

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