Sermons in “1 John”

Love as a Way of Life (1 John 2:7-11)

Key Idea: True disciples of Christ live out a Christ-honoring love for others. Three reasons our love for others is an indicator of genuine faith: I. Loving others is foundational II. Loving others reflects Christ a. Jesus extends love to sinners and enemies b. Jesus commits love to imperfect people III. Loving others guides our […]

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God’s Loving Demand (1 John 2:3-6)

The Christ-Centered life has a powerful and persevering love for others that flows from our love for God. Three ways to grow in love: Look to Christ Love Christ Abide in Christ How we abide in Christ We reject sin (1 John 3:6) We rely on the Word as fuel for our faith and love […]

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Letting the Light of God Overwhelm the Darkness of Sin (1 John 1:5 – 2:2)

Key Idea: We must see and fight our sin in light of God and his Gospel I. See your sin in light of God’s holiness In light of God’s holiness we must acknowledge the reality of sin In light of God’s holiness we must acknowledge the gravity of sin II. See your sin in light […]

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