Sermons in “Sunday Sermon”

The Way Up Is Down (Philippians 2:1-8)

I. Look at the expectation for humility A. Because of their experience in Christ B. Because of their participation in the Spirit II. Listen to the exhortation to humility A. Do not be self-focused B. Be other-focused III. Learn from the example of humility A. Jesus was humble in His thinking B. Jesus was humble […]

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A Loving Call to Right Living (1 John 3:4-10)

God’s commands demonstrate not only his loathing of sin, but his love for us. I. The wickedness of sin demands the righteousness of believers II. The wickedness of sin demonstrates the necessity of Christ III. The wickedness of sin displays the love of God Ultimately God’s call to obedience is loving because sin is destructive.

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The Hope of the Resurrection (Acts 17:19-34)

Key Idea: The resurrection brings living hope to a dying world I. Recognize the reality of religion We all live in light of God. We are all worshipers. II. Reorient your life to God God cannot be a product of what we imagine. God is far greater than what we can imagine. God’s judgment will […]

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