Sermons in “Sunday Sermon”

Man-Made Religion versus God-Given Hope (Judges 17-21)

Key Idea: We must pursue God-given hope over man-made religion. I. The foolishness and despair of living with a man-made religion A manmade religion is foolish because it will fail us Because there is no negotiating WITH God, only surrender TO God Because it does not lead us to righteousness, but to moral decline A […]

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A Gospel Portrait (Selected Scriptures) and Baptism Testimonies

0:00-16:26 – Devotional (“A Gospel Portrait”) 16:27-19:33 – Ben Huang’s Testimony 19:33-23:42 – Rozebel Cabrera’s Testimony 23:43-29:00 – Tiffany Mikamo’s Testimony 29:01-31:22 – Seth Amano’s Testimony 31:23-36:54 – David Uehara’s Testimony

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