Sermons on “Psalms”

The Church (Part 2): A Singing Community

Two reasons why Lighthouse should be a singing community: 1. Sing! Because God commands you to! Why singing? Singing allows for a fuller expression of our worship Singing helps us remember God’s Word How then shall we sing? Sing corporately Sing joyfully Sing loudly Sing humbly Sing thankfully 2. Sing! Because God has revealed himself […]

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An Anatomy of Anger (James 4, Psalm 145)

Key idea: How can we recognize and repent of sinful anger in our heart 1. What treasure do I fight for? (God’s glory or an idol) – James 4:1-4; Matthew 12:34-35 Anger starts with a value statement, “This is wrong.” I either value God’s glory or an idol. 2. What posture do I take? (Judge […]

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