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Ministry Overview

Rooted (Junior High)

Rooted is our junior high ministry. Rooted seeks to instruct the youth with foundational and fundamental truths that are necessary to live a life that is pleasing, faithful, and fruitful to God. Rooted meets in classroom H of Lighthouse Community Church. For any questions regarding Rooted, please contact Pastoral Intern, Keith Fong.

Kairos (High School)

Kairos is our high school ministry. Kairos is a Greek word that means, “a time of unique opportunity.” We believe that our high schoolers truly live in a unique season of life, where they can leverage their role as followers of Jesus in seeking the renewal and welfare of their respective campuses and cities. If you have any questions regarding Kairos, please contact Pastor Eric Cai.

Friday Night Youth Group

Most Fridays, our youth group meets for a time of Bible teaching, singing, games, prayer, accountability, and fellowship. Please see below for our schedule, and subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates.

  • 7:30pm – Games
  • 8:00pm – Praise & Preaching
  • 9:30 pm – Small Groups
  • 9:30pm – Fellowship

Small Groups

If you are a visitor or new and would like to be placed in a small group, please email Lighthouse Youth.

Sermon Notes

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Youth Calendar



Junior High Check-in Process

Beginning this Friday (Aug. 27) we will be requiring parents (or other adults/older siblings with permission from a parent) to check-in their students for drop off and check out at the end of youth group. We ask that you walk with your student to our check-in station at the entrance of the church building where we will check your student in. At the end of youth group, you will be required to come in and check your student out before you leave. 
  • High Schoolers who drive their Junior High siblings to youth group are allowed to check in/out their siblings. If you are dropping off your kids, we ask that you come inside and check them in/out even if their sibling is present; we would love to see you! 
  • Those who carpool together can all be checked in by one adult as long as they have verbal or written permission.
This check-in/check-out process ensures that we have all students accounted for in our junior high ministry, while also ensuring that we have an opportunity to meet you! While we recognize this process is a bit more cumbersome, we hope that this change ensures the safety of your student and cultivates an ongoing relationship with you, the parent. Thank you for understanding!

– Eric



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