Membership Class – Fall 2017

Membership is something that is very dear to the Elders at Lighthouse. Becoming a member at Lighthouse is not the same as joining a club or trying out for a team. Becoming a member is saying, “This will be my church family. These are the people whom I choose to laugh and cry and share life’s experiences with, for the great glory of God.”

So if you would like to become a member at Lighthouse, sign-ups are starting now. Because membership is dear to us, the process is somewhat extensive.

In order to become a member you will need to be a Christian who has been baptized as a believer.  Becoming a member will involve attending at least 5 out of 6 teaching sessions. You will then be interviewed by one of the leaders in our church where you will be asked to explain the Gospel and how someone comes to faith and specifically your testimony and how you made Jesus your Lord and Savior.

We hope you will consider joining the Lighthouse church family!

Classes are 10/1-11/12 (with no class on 11/5) and space is limited, so please sign up ASAP. Please email Pastor Kelly Kira with any questions. Thanks!