Fall 2017 Small Groups

This fall, we’ll be reading Ed Welch’s Side by Side together in small groups! In this season of growth and busyness at Lighthouse, we need more than ever to know how to walk alongside one another, to encourage each other and to be encouraged in return. Author Ed Welch writes:

“This book identifies the skills we need to help one another.

It is for everyone – friends, parents, even neighbors.

Along the way we will find that God is pleased to use ordinary people, ordinary conversations, and extraordinary and wise love to do most of the heavy lifting in his kingdom.

The basic idea is that those who help best are the ones who both need help and give help. A healthy community is dependent on all of us being both. So the book is divided into two parts. The first part guides you in sharing your burdens; the second part guides you in bearing the burdens of others.”

Sign ups will open on Sunday, August 20 at 6 PM.

Week of…PassageStudy Guide
September 3Opening Dinner
September 10Chapter 1Word | PDF
September 17Chapters 2 and 3 Word | PDF
September 24Chapter 4 Word | PDF
October 1Off
October 8Chapters 5 and 6 Word | PDF
October 15Chapter 7 Word | PDF
October 22Chapters 8 and 9Word | PDF
October 29Off
November 5Chapters 10 and 11 Word | PDF
November 12Chapters 12 and 13 Word | PDF
November 19Off
November 26Chapters 14 and 15 Word | PDF
December 3Chapters 16 and 17 Word | PDF
December 10Closing Dinner